Fast and Reliable Internet Service is Essential for our Community to Thrive. Hope Water & Light Recognizes this Need and 

We Stand with our Community to Offer the Fastest and Most Reliable Fiber Internet Service Available! 

We Invite you to Come Join Us as We take This Vital Step Together.

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Service Areas

Service Areas Gathering Interest

Help us decide where we should provide our services next, pre-register to show your interest! 

Shover Springs Area (Hwy 32, CR 56, CR 54, CR 52, CR 123)

86% Pre-Registered

Hwy 278 East Area

74% Pre-Registered

Strong Addition Area

70% Pre-Registered

Gunter Addition/Southern Hills Area (23rd St., 28th St., Hwy 32)

67% Pre-Registered

Patmos Road Area (28th St., CR 118 E, Country Club, Town Dr.)

66% Pre-Registered

Hwy 73 East Area

63% Pre-Registered

Springhill Area (CR 5, Battlefield Loop, Foley Lane, Hwy 355)

58% Pre-Registered

HWY 278 W/HWY 73 W Area (north of I-30, CR 2, Melrose Ln., Hope Municipal Airport, Amerities South)

52% Pre-Registered

W 16th Street Area (Wilson Dr., Pafford Corp. Office)

49% Pre-Registered

Perrytown Area (Hwy 67 North of bakery to Perrytown)

49% Pre-Registered

Hwy 29 N/Hwy 32 N Area north of I-30 (Smith Rd., CR 12, Courture Ln., Old Blevins Rd., Oakhaven Rd.)

46% Pre-Registered

S Main/16 St to UACCH (W 18th St., W 21st St., E 26th St., San Fernando Rd., Southland Dr., Lester Dr., CR 1020)

44% Pre-Registered

Georgetown Area (Sunset Dr., Peach St., S Grady St., S Pine St)

41% Pre-Registered

Rocky Mound Area (Pleasant Ridge Appts., Pinecrest Ave., Wildwood Ln., Tower Hill Rd.)

41% Pre-Registered

Hwy 29 South/Hwy 355 Area (Huckabee Rd., CR 142, CR 166, CR 141)

35% Pre-Registered

Industrial Park/Oakhaven Area (Temple Dr., N Industrial Dr., CR 275, CR 278, CR 23)

33% Pre-Registered

W Ave. B from Amandex Dr. to N Elks St. Area (Holland St., Generator Rd., Briant St., Gunter St., E Rd.)

32% Pre-Registered

Oak Creek Drive Area (HWY 174 S, CR 1040, Marcum Dr., Soccer Fields)

31% Pre-Registered

Shover Rd./Rosston Rd./Lake Shore Area (The Peaks Appt., Yerger Terrace)

28% Pre-Registered

Meadow Ridge Lane Area (HWY 174 S, CR 172, CR 173)

27% Pre-Registered

I-30 at Hwy 278 Area (W Ave. F, W Compress Rd., Frisco St., Pine Park Dr., Commerce Blvd., Fair Oaks Ln., CR 183, Katy Ln.)

27% Pre-Registered

W Ave. A - W Ave. E, N Washington St. - N Greening St. Area

23% Pre-Registered

3rd St./S Hazel St Area (S Bonner St., S Greening St., S Walker St.)

23% Pre-Registered

3rd Street/South Main Area (E Division St., 6th St., 11th St., S Elm, S Hervey St.)

21% Pre-Registered

Yerger Junior High School Area (S Walker St., E 15th St., S Walnut St., E Hayward St., S Edgewood St.)

20% Pre-Registered

N Hazel St south of I-30 to Oak St. Area

20% Pre-Registered

Old Experiment Station Rd. (North Spruce St. to U of A Exp. Stat.)

19% Pre-Registered

W Ave. B Area (N McRae St., N Ferguson St., Hammond St., Pritchard St., W Ave. E, W Ave. F)

19% Pre-Registered

W Greenwood St. Area (N Elm St., W Ave. G, N Main, N Hazel from E Ave D to E Rosehill St.)

17% Pre-Registered

Caney Creek Area (HWY 67 W, Fair Park, West Sewer Plant)

16% Pre-Registered

W 4th St./Hwy 174/Jones St. (Fulton Square Appts., Mack St., S Ferguson, S Hamilton St.)

14% Pre-Registered

Rosehill Cemetery Area (Grove St., N Long St., Allen St., N Bell St., N. Graham St., Glenn St.)

10% Pre-Registered

Hwy 29 South Area (CR 56, CR 118)

9% Pre-Registered