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10:37AM May 02, 2023

Tara Chambless
Is there an ETA for service on Hwy 73 East? We need some dependable service

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11:37AM May 02, 2023

Keegan Johnson
Hello, We are complete with construction and splicing in your zone, however there are just a few more things left to be complete before your zone is active. We are now accepting contracts for your zone this will allow us to start doing some preliminary work by running the drop cable to your home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you - Keegan Johnson (870)-777-3000 Ext: 5521

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10:35AM September 17, 2022

Alma Phillips
Would you explain Zone Status on your service area map please? For example in my area the Zone Status is 13% to goal. 158 more customers needed. What does the mean?

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10:49AM September 19, 2022

Keegan Johnson
Hello, We have Decided to divide our Service Area into Zones to keep track of our Pre-Register rate for potential customers. it allows us to see which Zones are gathering the most interest, so we can better serve our customers in the near future. Please continue to encourage your Neighbors & Friends to preregister to increase the percentage in your zone. Thank you- Keegan Johnson