Fast and Reliable Internet Service is Essential for our Community to Thrive. 

Hope Water & Light Recognizes this Need and 

We Stand with our Community to Offer the Fastest and Most Reliable Fiber Internet Service Available! 

We Invite you to Come Join Us as We take This Vital Step Together.

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8:46PM October 28, 2023

Brian Guidry
Where are the prices listed? Why isn't the tiers of service, speeds and price points listed on the front page of the internet section of the site?

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8:36AM October 30, 2023

Keegan Johnson
Hey Brian! our website takes you to our homepage just to give customers a more in-depth view of what we have to offer Hope, AR. From our homepage you can click our "Services" Tab and it will let you view our pricing for both Business and Residential customers. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office. (870)-777-3000 Thank you - KJ

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