Fast and Reliable Internet Service is Essential for our Community to Thrive. 

Hope Water & Light Recognizes this Need and 

We Stand with our Community to Offer the Fastest and Most Reliable Fiber Internet Service Available! 

We Invite you to Come Join Us as We take This Vital Step Together.

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Enjoy Lightning Fast Speeds, Highly Reliable Service and Exceptional Customer Care Delivered at a 

Price Point That is Sure to Please!

We believe that affordable, fast and reliable Internet Service is essential for our community to thrive. There is a gap that must be bridged, and Hope Water & Light has decided to step into this gap and announce that we are bringing the fastest and most reliable Internet service available to our customers. 

We pledge to invest in our community in order to ensure everyone has access to the fiber-optic network that will be the backbone of our system. Everyone will have the opportunity to take a step into the future where Internet speed and reliability are delivered with exceptional customer service at a price point that is sure to please. Come Join US!! Register Today!

The Benefits of Hope Water & Light Internet

  • Work from Home
  • Virtual Schools, Online Education, Research Projects
  • Internet Service you can Depend on
  • Upload and Download Speed is the Same (Symmetrical)
  • Opportunities for Economic Development
  • Opportunity for Community Development and Growth

 A Fiber Network Starts with You. Experience the Difference.

We are in this together and it does not work without you! Click the "Check for Service" link below and register for our Internet Service. Hope Water & Light has been a part of the community for 64 years and we pride ourselves in being a reliable, customer-focused and community-oriented service provider. We live here, shop here, our children attend schools, and our families attend church here. We are happy to be a part of the fiber that knits us all together. Our community needs better Internet service to everyone! This need has never been greater than the past few years as our families have struggled with needing to work from home and have our children attend virtual classes. The Struggle is real, and the Solution is here!

    Hope Water & Light

  • Local Service & Support
  • Customer Focused
  • Community Oriented

Download emailable service contracts

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